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Which video formats can be uploaded to Stream?

  • MP4
  • WMV

what is a channel?

A channel organizes your videos.

For example, a channel for training might include all how-to videos, while a channel names, Events, could include videos shown at a department presentation.

A user can follow a channel to get updates of new content.

Can I limit who sees a channel?

There are two types of channels:

  • Public. Open to any ECU user who logs in to Stream.
  • Group. Allows you to create or associate an existing Microsoft group to the channel so that only the members of the group have access. The editing permissions for the group also extend to the Stream group channel. A group can also associate your video content with another app, like Teams or SharePoint. For example, a channel can be added as a tab to a project team conversation channel, and the videos play within the Teams interface.

    A group channel in Stream has its own portal and there is also an associated group email address, file storage and all other Microsoft group assets.

How can I organize a group channel?

Add separate channels within a group channel to organize the content. For example, you create a group channel for your department. Within the main group are channels for training, events, or any other organization that is required.


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