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Participant list match students names with their responses and allow grades/points to be uploaded into the Blackboard Grade Center.
View Registration Statuses, Upload Grades & E-mail Unregistered Students
This article covers steps for scheduling Webex Meetings and Office Hours in Canvas.
A Teams meeting within Canvas is a great option when you do not need all the meeting controls available in Webex.
Email triggers can be configured to send a notification of participants’ responses to whomever you designate (including yourself).
Learn the important difference between a confidential and anonymous survey and how they work.
Frequent questions from users about MFA.
You may need to reset MFA for your Office 365 account if the mobile phone you use for account verification is lost, stolen or replaced.
Enroll your Office 365 account for Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) using a text message.
Files are outside sources uploaded into your iWebfolio account. Any type of digital file can be uploaded. File examples include photo formats (jpeg, tiff, gif, pict, etc.), Word documents, pdf files, sound files and video clips.
Measures allow you, as a reviewer, to provide feedback to the portfolio owner. It can include specific rubrics, simple rating scales or checklists created by portfolio reviewers.
A template is used to create a portfolio and is pre-made by only those who have permission to do so from the institution.
Organizing, unlocking, reviewing and bookmarking portfolios.