LockDown Browser Tests Preparation


Faculty can use LockDown Browser (LDB) as an academic dishonest deterrent. LDB can be enabled for use with your Canvas quizzes. 

The following video will help you to prepare an exam for use with LDB.


How do I create an exam using LDB?

Exams using LDB need to be created within Canvas. Be sure to enable all standard features you want for your exam such as time limit. From there, you will need to enable LDB within your course and select your exam from within the course link. You will be able to require students to use LDB from there. 

What additional settings can be enabled?

LDB supports proctoring deterrents like "Respondus Monitor," which will require students to record themselves during the exam session. You will be notified of any suspicious activity from the recording and be able to review all recordings. 

What will my students see when using LDB?

Prior to beginning your exam, students will be prompted with terms of use, a webcam check if applicable, instructions that you may have provided, and guidelines and tips for using LDB.



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