Lockdown Browser Instructor Introduction


LockDown Browser (LDB) will allow your students to take their Canvas quizzes in a browser free from distraction. Canvas quizzes that require LDB can be enabled from your Canvas course. 

With LDB enabled, students are unable to print, capture screen content, go to other websites, or access other applications like instant messenger. 

Using LDB with Classic Quizzes:

Using LDB with New Quizzes:

Getting Started 

LDB Quiz Start Guide (Classic Quizzes)

LDB Quick Start Guide (New Quizzes)


Do I have to have my students use LDB for all of my Canvas quizzes?

No, LDB can be enabled for specific quizzes within Canvas. 

What if my students try to access the Canvas quiz through a different browser?

Students trying to access the quiz outside of LDB will receive an error message indicating that the quiz must be taken in LDB.

What can my students access while taking a Canvas quiz with LDB?

Students will be unable to exit LDB until the Canvas quiz is submitted, nor are they able to switch to a different application. 

What can be included in a Canvas quiz with LDB?

LDB supports images, videos, and any PDFs that you may want your students to have access to during the quiz session. Should a question include a link to a new page, that page will open within LDB and remain secure. 


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