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Licensed by ECU, this backup application is available to faculty and staff for an annual subscription fee.

Request the removal of department hardware such as servers, network switches, storage, etc., from either the Cotanche or Brody Data Center.

DatAdvantage tracks permissions and data changes on department Piratedrive folders and emails a report to owners.

Submit this request if your department or group requires support or increased storage space on an NAS server.

Microsoft's OneDrive is ECU's approved cloud storage solution for students, faculty, and staff.

Piratedrive is a secure network attached storage folder available to store sensitive and non-sensitive information.

The Netbackup Client is available for enterprise and department servers.

Hardware/OS support for Unix & Linux servers. The team also provides best effort support for departments running Unix/Linus servers.

Hardware/OS support for Windows servers. The team also provides best effort support for departments running Windows servers.

Xtender is a document imaging and storage system used by administrative staff to capture, organize and retrieve paper and computer-generated documents at ECU. Documents are scanned and available for viewing through Banner INB. The Xtender team provides consultation, development, support and one-on-one or group training for new and existing Xtender applications. Submit this request for questions and training, to modify an existing application or to request a new application.

Request a consult to add a department server or increase storage on a current server in the ITCS Data Center. Backup options also available.