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Microsoft's OneDrive for Business cloud storage is available through your employee/student Microsoft 365 subscription and alumni email. OD4B is the only approved cloud storage for ECU data.* It's easy to use and works seamlessly with other 365 services like Teams and SharePoint. OneDrive also includes Office Online apps to create new and edit existing Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents within your browser. Share and collaborate with ECU and non-ECU users.

Submit this request for OneDrive assistance or to request more space.

*Other cloud storage services do not meet university storage standards and should not be used to store any ECU data. Visit the cloud storage security page for a detailed explanation. Additionally, personal OneDrive accounts - these are free through Microsoft - should not be used to store ECU data.

Available To

Faculty, Staff, Students, Alumni

Get Started

  • Log in: (all users) - your portal page opens; click the OneDrive icon:   ""
  • Desktop app: The OneDrive desktop app is included on all ECU-managed computers, both Windows and macOS. OneDrive is also included with Windows 10/11 and is a download for macOS - add your ECU account.
  • Mobile app: Download this free app through your device's app store. Add your ECU account.
  • See the Related Articles section on this page for links to a detailed overview, FAQ, sync, setup and more.

Features and Benefits

Microsoft 365 Integration OneDrive for Business is used to store your individual work files. Microsoft Teams and SharePoint also have associated OneDrive file storage .
Sync Sync documents between your computer and OneDrive. You choose which folders to sync. OneDrive is approved to store sensitive information. However, for security reasons, DO NOT sync sensitive information to your computer - only store on OneDrive for Business.
Capacity Faculty, Staff, Students 5TB (request up to 25GB through this request); Alumni 1TB
Access Anywhere from any device with internet access.
Share/Collaborate Share files or folders with ECU and non-ECU users.
Edit Edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint files online using Office Online. Shared files can be simultaneously edited by multiple users.
Create Create new documents within OneDrive using Office Online.
Learning Tools Improve reading and writing skills using read aloud features, immersive reader and other comprehension tools. Learn more from Microsoft’s Learning Tools page.

Related Policies and Guidelines

The use of OneDrive for Business is governed by the Academic Computer Use Policy and the University Student and Employee Use Policy.

Sensitive Data Storage

OneDrive is approved for storage of sensitive data. Please keep in mind:

  1. Do not store sensitive data on your computer or mobile device.
  2. If you plan to store sensitive data in OneDrive, see this policy page from University Data Governance for guidance. Contact the Office of Research Integrity and Compliance (252-328-9474) to determine whether research data, technical specifications or information falls under these categories.
  3. See the Guidelines for Protecting Senstive Data article for specifics.
  4. You may need to contact the appropriate data steward for permission to store a particular type on OneDrive. See this University Data Governance web page.
  5. Never sync sensitive data from OneDrive to your computer. Sensitive data can be saved to your OneDrive for Business folder - see conditions above - but never saved to your devices. See this Microsoft support article: Choose which OneDrive folders to sync to your computer.

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