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Audience response devices, or clickers, are designed to actively engage students during the entire class period, gauge students’ level of understanding of presented material, and provide prompt feedback to the instructor, who can easily upload a grade to Canvas from polled responses (TurningPoint software required).


Polling Options

As an instructor, you can create instant polling questions from Web content, PDF’s, Microsoft Office products, whiteboards and more. In addition, you can create and save quizzes or create interactive presentations in a PowerPoint format.

Clicker & Receiver Options

Instructors may choose to have students purchase a physical clicker or by allowing them to respond using the free TurningPoint mobile app. Mobile device polling comes at no additional out-of-pocket cost to students. Clickers are mobile devices can be used during sessions.

Responses from physical clickers are captured using a USB receiver, which has a ratio of 1 to 1,000, and an average receiving range of 200 ft. Receivers for larger classrooms are also available. Responses from mobile devices are transmitted over wireless.

Physical Clicker Request

To request the Turning Technology QT2 Clicker for your class, include ISBN: 978-0-9972248-0-1 in your textbook requisition. The receiver and a student clicker to be used for testing presentations are provided to the instructor at no charge.


Instructors can also enable the course participant list to pair students and their responses for grading purposes.

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