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The Laupus Library Systematic Review Service supports faculty, clinical and research staff, and graduate student systematic reviews. A trained health sciences librarian works to provide assistance with select processes involved in completing a systematic review.

Laupus Library's Systematic Reviews Service

Support provided by Laupus Library's Systematic Review Service in the Systematic Review process:

  • Determine the scope of the topic and identify any previous systematic reviews published on the topic
  • Develop an appropriate search strategy for the research question by collaborating with investigator(s) to ensure all relevant studies are identified, including:
    • Translating the search concepts into controlled vocabulary and keywords in order to create a precise but comprehensive search strategy;
    • Recommending the specific databases, grey literature, and other information sources appropriate for your topic; and
    • Conducting the literature searches in the identified databases and other sites
  • Share any and all information gained from the literature search
  • Maintain documentation of the search strategy and results in each of the databases
  • Write the literature search methodology section
  • Train researchers to use systematic review management software, if desired
  • Assist with other aspects of the writing process, as requested

**Developing and conducting database-specific searches is a lengthy process which may take a month long or more. Please involve the librarian in the early stages of planning your review**‚Äč

Laupus Library will also provide support for other review types. Requests for assistance with other reviews may be directed to the Systematic Review Service, or sent directly to the Liaison Librarian assigned to your College or School.

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