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College of Education, BSOM, Financial Services, the Graduate School, Human Resources, the Office of Research Administration, the Office of Innovations & New Ventures, 25Live, Digital Signage, Joyner and Laupus libraries and ECU Police.

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Chrome River and Greenphire service requests.

To provide insightful knowledge and information to support decision making, quality improvement, data management, and educational strategies at Brody School of Medicine.

Request help and report issues.

Request a research consultation or submit a research project proposal or concept.

Technical Support for Faculty and Staff of the College of Engineering & Technology

To request a graphic design, LCD, marketing video, official portrait, editorial or photography service, visit the Creative Services website at https://university-communications.ecu.edu/servi... For WordPress and Web support: http://go.ecu.edu/webhosting.

Request support for eCommerce related activities: U-Store requests, POS terminals, PCI system reviews, user access/password resets for TouchNet, ClientLine, Payeezy and Clover. Also includes PCI-related activities like PCI system reviews and any request directly related to devices in scope for PCI (credit card data) or the PCI firewall. This includes but is not limited to, any changes needed for a PCI workstation, any PCI firewall changes, and the addition, removal or relocation of PCI workstations, printers or POS Terminals. **NEVER enter any credit card information into a your request.**

Security Camera and Alarm support/consults. NON-EMERGENCY ONLY.

Request a journal entry approval and more.

For program directors, faculty and staff who manage graduate students.

Technical support for Joyner Library Services faculty and staff.

Submit to request a Laupus Library Systematic Review.

Support for innovations, new ventures, microenterprises, MTAs, CDAs, licensing and intellectual property.

The Office of Research Administration supports ECU’s research enterprise through a broad range of services. Our staff helps researchers through every step of the proposal process, from providing guidance and oversight during development, to negotiating awards on behalf of the university, to fund utilization and risk management. We maintain and operate institutional systems designed to support proposal submission, cost accounting, financial reporting, and data analysis.

Student Affairs provides support for 25 Live and Digital Signage. Request a consult.