Data and Report Request

There are an abundance of data and reports available as listed on IPAR’s data resource webpages.  If you are unable to find the information you need after reviewing these sources, please submit a ticket using this request form. 

If you are requesting financial data such as general ledger, budgeting, position funding, or payroll history, please submit a ticket using the Systems Coordination request form.

You will be asked to provide a detailed description of data you are requesting including:

  1. The source of data (e.g. snapshot vs live data),
  2. the category of data (e.g. student data, human resources data), and
  3. the selection criteria (e.g. first-time, full-time freshmen only) and time period (e.g. Fall 2014). 

The description you provide will determine the routing of your ticket.  An accurate and detailed description of your data needs will result in more timely and efficient processing of your ticket.

Your ticket will be assigned to a technician/analyst within one business day.  Most requests will be completed within ten business days.  However, depending upon the complexity of your request and volume of tickets currently in the queue, completion may take longer.  The technician/analyst assigned to your ticket will contact you if they have questions about fulfilling your request.

If you are requesting data needed to respond to items on a form or survey, please attach a copy of the actual form or survey and any relevant instructions or definitions to your ticket.  

If you are requesting data in which specific faculty, staff, or students can be identified, your request will be submitted to the relevant Data Steward for approval before filling.

Request Data or Report


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