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Turnitin Plagiarism Review is a set of tools designed to promote academic integrity while improving student writing through targeted feedback.  The toolset includes plagiarism detection, automated spelling and grammar, grading rubrics, and feedback tools. Turnitin is integrated with Canvas.

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Faculty, Students

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Canvas Plagiarism Framework Instructions for Instructors


Canvas Plagiarism Framework Student for Students

Features and Benefits

Plagiarism Detection

Turnitin uses the world’s largest database of archived internet sources, journal articles, and student composed essays to identify similarities. There are filters to exclude specific sections, quotations or bibliographies according to the instructor’s preference.

The plagiarism detection tool does not test for original ideas or authenticate a student’s writing style to protect it from outsourcing. Although the plagiarism database is extensive, a low similarity score does not guarantee that the student’s submission is their authentic work.

Feedback Tools

  • QuickMarks
    • Drag-and-drop QuickMarks provide a fast way to mark up student papers. When the student hovers over the shorthand, they see the expanded definitions and descriptions, plus any additional comments the instructor may have left.
    • By default, the QuickMarks tool includes sets for composition, format, punctuation, and usage – but instructors can add as many custom sets as desired.
  • Voice Comments
    • Provide personalized feedback with voice comments to help students understand your thought process.
  • Automatic Spelling and Grammar
    • The ETS e-rater tool automatic checks spelling and grammar and provides filters to sort errors by category. Graders can disable any error category or dismiss any incorrectly flagged errors. When a student hovers over a grammar mark, they receive a full description of the rule, as well as any additional comments left by the instructor. Students will only receive access to the automated spelling and grammar report once the assignment due date has closed.


During the assignment setup, you may opt to have student work submitted to the Turnitin database. Only submit final drafts to the database. Once a document is submitted, it will be compared against all future submissions of that same document, resulting in a high similarity score.


Areas of Nonconformance to WCAG 2.0 A and AA and Workarounds

  • Voice Comments – Tumitin currently doesn’t have the ability to transcribe instructor voice comments into text form. Students with hearing disabilities will not be able to consume the voice comments provided by their Instructor. Workaround: When leaving comments for students with hearing disabilities, we recommend instructor leave a text-based comment instead of a voice recording.
  • Student submission – The text of a student submission is image-based and cannot be read by a screen reader in its default view. Workaround: Students using a screen reader can access a text-only version of their similarity report by pressing Tab + Enter upon accessing the Similarity Report.
  • Inline comments – Tumitin currently doesn’t allow the ability to navigate to comments left inline within the paper with a keyboard or screen reader in its default interface. Workaround: Students can download a text-based PDF version of their report When leaving comments for students with vision impairment, we recommend instructors include the original text alongside their comments so that students can associate the instructor’s comment with Ille text of their submission.

Non-student workflows – Strict conformance to WCAG 2.0 A and AA is limited to the student-facing interfaces. The above-mentioned workarounds are for student workflow only.


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