How to Recover Lost Files


If files are accidentally deleted from a Piratedrive folder, a user can recover the lost files (from the daily or monthly backups) by mapping a drive to the backup (Checkpoint) folder using the steps below.

If you require assistance recovering files, submit a service request that includes the location of the deleted data, the names of the folders and files and when they were deleted.


  • Checkpoint folders are read only; files cannot be accidentally saved in a checkpoint folder.
  • You can map a drive to subordinate Piratedrive folders; it’s not necessary to map to the root folder.
  • Permissions on checkpoint folders are the same as the original folders. Therefore, anyone with appropriate permissions can recover files from Checkpoint.

STEP 1. Determine the file path

First determine the file path to the lost Piratedrive documents.
Examples: \\piratedrive\home (personal) or \\piratedrive\biology\labs\doej (department)

STEP 2. Map a drive to the Checkpoint backup files


  1. Right-click the computer icon on your desktop and select Map Network Drive. The Map Network Drive dialog box opens.
  2. Enter the file path and after the last slash, add .ckpt to the file name. Example: \\piratedrive\itcs\.ckpt
  3. Click Finish.


Step 3. Copy/Paste the Backup files

  1. Select the folder with a date* that contains your files (before they were deleted).
  2. Copy/paste the files from the .ckpt folder back to your Piratedrive folder.

*Note that files are named with the date/time stamp. Example file name: 2013_02_11_00.20.01 is from February 11, 2013 at 12:20 a.m.



Mac Instructions

  1. Establish an SMB connection to the backup files: Finder, Connect to Server. Path is smb:// or path for departmental folder.
  2. Add /.ckpt at the end of the path for a departmental folder also.
  3. Copy/paste the backup files (just like you already have in the procedure).
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