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An ITCS technician will respond to support requests during regular operating hours.

 Phone: 252-328-9866 / 800-340-7081

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All students, faculty and staff have a personal 125GB Piratedrive folder to store important files such as class assignments, meeting minutes or research proposals. With password-protection, security, daily backup and availability on or off campus, some users opt to save all their work files to their Piratedrive folder rather than a work or personal computer.

Piratedrive is approved for storage of sensitive ECU information, such as FERPA or research data.

Departments can request a Piratedrive folder (capacity 50GB) to store departmental information. Access permissions are controlled by the department.

All devices have Piratedrive access from the Pirate Port web portal both on and off campus. When off campus, ECU users can use a virtual private network to connect to their ECU resources, which includes Piratedrive.

All activities using Piratedrive must conform to the ECU Academic Computer Use Policy and the University Student and Employee Computer Use Regulation. Visit the About Piratedrive page to learn more.

Available To

Faculty, Staff, Students, Researchers

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Access and Store

Piratedrive is approved for storing sensitive ECU information and is convenient for work files, department projects, research data, student assignments and more. Faculty, staff and student folders are created at the same time as the email account (125GB). Departments can request a 125GB folder through an IT service request, and there must be one primary and one backup folder administrator to manage data and users.

Drive “U” or Mapped Drive

On-campus laptops and desktops logged in to the INTRA domain see a mapped “U” drive. Upload, download or open files from within this drive.

Users can map a drive to a department folder on a Windows or Mac laptop. See the resources for instructions.

PiratePort Web Portal

Log in to the PiratePort web portal and click the piratedrive app from any device on or off campus.

Mac OS X – Finder

  1. Go > Connect to Server (Apple + K on the keyboard)
  2. Type this address: smb://Piratedrive/HOME
  3. At the login prompt enter the following:
    • Workgroup/Domain = INTRA
    • Username = PirateID
    • Password = Passphrase

FTP Program

Using a file transfer protocol (FTP) program like FileZilla or Fetch, drag and drop files between Piratedrive and your computer. Use the settings below:

  1. Host = piratedrive.intra.ecu.edu
  2. Username = intra\YOUR PIRATEID (example: intra\washingtong)
  3. Connect using = FTP

SFTP is also supported on Piratedrive. Settings are the same as above but should read, “SFTP.”

Virtual Private Network

When off campus, ECU users can use a virtual private network to connect to their ECU resources, which includes Piratedrive. See the VPN page for more information.

Related Policies and Guidelines

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Share and Collaborate

Share your files with colleagues and project members in two ways. Note that there is no way at this time to share files using PiratePort.

“U” Drive (Personal Folder) or Mapped Drive (Department Folder)

For both personal and department folders, the folder owner/administrator right-clicks the drive and selects, Properties, then Security. See the video in resources for specifics. Add users and set permissions such as full control or read only. Between ECU users only.


Additional space over 125GB is charged at $2/GB for both departments and individuals.
Additional space can be requested by submitting the Piratedrive File Storage form to request additional space.