How to Map a Drive on Windows 10

Step 1.

Click the Start menu and choose File Explorer.
The File Explorer window opens.


Step 2.

From File Explorer, right-click This PC and select Map Network Drive.
The Map Network Drive dialog box opens.


Step 3.

Configure the drive path.

  • Type the address (path) to your Piratedrive folder:
  • Check the Reconnect at sign-in box.
  • Choose a different drive letter or leave it at the default (optional).
  • Click Finish.

*Note the slashes lean to the left. Replace “name-of-your-folder” with your folder’s name



If you first logged in to the computer using your PirateID and passphrase (ECU credentials), your newly-mapped folder will open
once you click Finish.


If you did NOT log in to the computer with your ECU credentials, click the Connect using different credentials box in the Map Network Drive dialog box. The Enter Network Credentials dialog box opens. Enter your PirateID and passphrase as follows:


Click OK.

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