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These four tasks must be done to get up and running with TurningPoint in Canvas.
Students can follow these steps to participate in a polling session using a mobile device or physical clicker.
Can I add students to my course? Can instructors who have NOT completed hiring be added to Canvas? How are incompletes managed in Canvas?
Can instructors have test student account? How do I request a guest/external account?
Use of Canvas in some non-curricular situations and management responsibilities.
These instructions step you through viewing your students' Respondus Monitor webcam videos.
Specify Respondus Monitor for use with a Canvas quiz.
Beforing requiring students to use an educational tool not provided by ECU, consider these university standards for privacy and security.
Department application administrators agree to this digital media capture MOU annually.
If you are interested in migrating your department or shared Piratedrive space to OneDrive, here is a comparison to help you decide.
Common questions about downloading, viewing, sharing and other Mediasite frequently asked questions.
This article provides steps to link or embed a Mediasite presentations or collections inside the Canvas Rich Content Editor (RCE).
Tutorials specific to using Webex in the classroom.
Articles on general, everyday use of Webex.
See this comparison between WebEx Meetings and WebEx Trainings.
Answers concerning setup, internet connection, simple troubleshooting and more.