Overview - Xtender Toolbar Quick Reference


  1. Show/Hide Thumbnail
  2. Page(s). Enter desired page # in textbox to jump to that page.
  3. Scan
  4. Select Scanner
  5. Rotate Page Counterclockwise
  6. Rotate Page Clockwise
  7. Zoom Out
  8. Zoom In
  9. Fit Page to width
  10. Fit Page to Height
  11. Fit Page to View
  12. Pan Mode (click and drag)
  13. Select
  14. Arrow Tool
  1. Rectangle Tool
  2. Text Tool
  3. Highlighter
  4. Rubber Stamp Tool
  5. Redaction Tool (manual redaction before scanning recommended)
  6. Fill
  7. Line Color
  8. Line Width
  9. Default Group
  10. Show/Hide
  11. Save Changes
  12. Cancel Changes
  13. Delete
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Xtender is a document imaging and storage system used by administrative staff to capture, organize and retrieve paper and computer-generated documents at ECU. Documents are scanned and available for viewing through Banner INB. The Xtender team provides consultation, development, support and one-on-one or group training for new and existing Xtender applications. Submit this request for questions and training, to modify an existing application or to request a new application.