Software Development Services

General Information

The ITCS Enterprise Information Systems (EIS) team manages the administrative applications and software development requests supporting the administrative functions of East Carolina University, including Banner (Finance, Human Resources, Student, Financial Aid), imaging and document management (BDM/Xtender), E-visions (electronic form creation), PORT, Eprint, Kronos, Ellucian Mobile, PiratePort/Onestop, student loans and TouchNet.

Most are purchased software from Ellucian (called Banner), along with third-party software SciQuest, Evisions, Appworx, Touchnet, T2, CBORD, and Kronos. ECU also utilizes applications written in-house for Pirate Port.

Request an Application

To request development of an administrative application or Pirate Port web app, visit the Central Project Office to begin the process. Once an application is submitted, it is reviewed for approval, prioritized and then assigned a development schedule.


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