Accessible Content Checklist

Creating accessible documents and course resources is a necessary step toward a classroom environment that supports the learning of all students. This checklist identifies several of the basic steps relevant to creating accessible documents.

Note: This is not an exhaustive list to creating accessible content. Text in a file or on a web page is accessible to people with print disabilities as long as simple accessibility standards are followed.

If you need assistance creating accessible content, please submit the IT Accessibility Consultation request.

This checklist is designed to provide guidance. Links point to an instructional video in Mediasite.

Use appropriate text descriptions for images

Create a transcript for audio and video

Provide clear information as to the end location or function for links

Use built-in styles and keep consistent numerical ordering

Ensure distinct contrast between text on backgrounds

Use elements other than color to convey information

Ensure PDF files are accessible and not scanned images

Use original file instead of PDF when possible

Ensure table headers are identified

Ensure there are no floating images, text and other objects

Use built-in bulleted or numbered lists

Provide contact information




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