Software Terms of Use

In exchange for granting me, an employee (Staff and Faculty) or registered student of the University of North Carolina Constituent Campus (“ECU”), the right to possess, install and use a copy of this said name of this software on my ECU laptop or personal computer (“Hardware”), I agree that:

  1. The Software is the copyrighted property of the said name of this software. Neither I nor ECU owns the Software or any copies thereof which are being provided to me.
  2. ECU licenses the Software from said name of this software and annually pays license fees for a limited number of copies in accordance with ECU’s license agreement with said name. I will not copy the Software and will not permit access to the Software by others.
  3. Source code underlying the object code provided with the Software is trade secret of said name and its licensors which I am not authorized to access. I will not reverse assemble, reverse engineer or decompile the Software or otherwise attempt to access such source code.
  4. I will use the Software within the United States for university business purposes only and understand that any commercial or profit-making use or use of the Software in the operation of the University is strictly prohibited.
  5. If traveling outside of the United States, then all software used should be reviewed by Hiromi Sanders at 328.9474 and check with ITCS on the specific import/export laws of the software package.
  6. When I am no longer a faculty member, staff member or registered student of ECU, or when requested to do so by said name of this software or ECU, I will remove any images of the Software installed on my Hardware.
  7. I agree to hold the University harmless for any repercussions for any violation of the EULA. I understand and acknowledge that the University will seek remedies against me, as an individual, for any such repercussions, including but not limited to seeking a court judgment, withholding my transcript, if a student, other applicable collection activities, and any other remedy that may be available to it in law or equity.

I hereby acknowledge that I have read this consent form, understand it, and agree to comply with the terms contained herein.


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