Amos is a special purpose statistical add-on software package that estimates structural equation models (SEM) for manifest and latent variables. Its point-and-click interface makes it easy to learn and use, but a fairly high level of statistical sophistication is required to take advantage of all features. Using Amos, you specify, estimate, assess, and present your model in an intuitive path diagram to show hypothesized relationships among variables. This enables you to test and confirm the validity of claims such as "value drives loyalty" in minutes, not hours.

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Faculty, staff, students

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Request software through the ECU Download Center (log in required)

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License Authorization

Amos falls under the SPSS license and is authorized for campus, home and Virtual Computer Lab use.

Amos must be used for teaching and non-commercial academic research by degree-seeking students and faculty on computers owned or leased by ECU.

Home use is permitted on computers owned or leased by ECU faculty, staff and students.

VCL use is permitted in a virtualized computing environment on computers that are owned or leased by ECU faculty, staff and students and may be accessed on or off campus.

Terms and Conditions

Export Control Restrictions

Licensee agrees to comply with all applicable export and import laws and regulations, including U.S. embargo and sanctions regulations and prohibitions on export for certain end users or to certain users.

Export Compliance from IBM

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