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Standardized template for Service / System / Application Administrators to submit exceptions for reported vulnerabilities to the Vulnerability Management Committee for review.

For one-time incentive payments of $25 or less to an individual in a calendar year, or participant payments for which the research protocol, costs, or technical issues preclude the use of Greenphire debit cards, you must enter your information into this Greenphire Exceptions Request site.

When an employee transfers to another area of the university, with the exception of the PirateID, all current account access is removed prior to the transfer. Submit the request here prior to the employee's last work day to remove account access to systems associated with the current position.

ECU blocks all file-sharing traffic on the university’s network. The term “file sharing” is described as the act of distributing or making available digitally stored material (e.g., music, movies, documents, photos, games, etc.) to other users on the Internet. If you need to use software such as BitTorrent, uTorrent, or Vuze for legitimate business or academic purposes, you will need to submit a file-sharing exception request form through the IT Help Desk.

This required review ensures your software purchase is accessible based on Section 508 and W3C guidelines.

ECU’s technology purchasing process ensures that procurement of all IT equipment, software, Internet of Things devices and services (including cloud services) follows a process of request, guidance, review, then approval.

The Respondus LockDown Browser, integrated with Canvas, is a custom browser that locks the testing environment for students.