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East Carolina University is committed to providing accessible technology and educational resources. Computer labs, learning platforms, web pages, multimedia content and applications should be accessible to everyone including individuals with disabilities. An IT Accessibility Review request ensures your software purchase is accessible based on Section 508 guidelines and W3C content accessibility guidelines.

The IT Accessibility Review process may require testing or a VPAT (Voluntary Product Accessibility Template) from the vendor. If the product does not meet accessibility standards, an Equally Effective Alternative Access Plan (EEAAP) may be required for inaccessible portions of the product.

Accessibility Exemptions

Some technology products are EXEMPT from the 508 Requirements for Accessibility. Note that, while some of these products can be replaced directly with assistive technologies, the products themselves are excluded from 508 requirements. See the Accessibility Exemptions and Exceptions article for exemption criteria.

Accessibility Exceptions

If a technology product being purchased by your department falls under one of the five exception categories, you can request an EXCEPTION. If the product is only used by students for grade activities, an Equally Effective Alternative Access Plan (EEAAP) is required. See the Accessibility Exemptions and Exceptions article for exemption criteria.

Evaluation Criteria

See the criteria for evaluating tools and software for accessibility.

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Use these criteria to ensure the accessibility of a software you intend to purchase.
Some technology products are exempt from the 508 requirements for accessibility, or you may request an exception. See these requirements.


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