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What is it?

Standardized Ticket Template to submit Exceptions for reported Vulnerabilities to the Vulnerability Management Committee for review

Why use it?

Ensure that Exceptions for vulnerabilities are properly documented and directed to the Vulnerability Management Committee

Who uses it?

Service / System / Application Administrators 

How to use it?

Document only the necessary information to clearly describe the Business Need, Technical Justification, and if there is Sensitive Data 

When to use it?

Service / System / Application Administrators are required to submit Exceptions to the Vulnerability Management Committee when they are unable to apply the recommended remediation to a reported vulnerability

It is required that the Requester attend the Vulnerability Management Committee in order to present their exception.

For all Vulnerability Exception Requests that last longer than 90 days, a risk acceptance form must be completed and attached at the time of submission.

Available To

Faculty, Staff, Researchers


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