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From detecting broken links, misspellings and accessibility issues to assisting users in correcting these problems, the Siteimprove Web Governance tool assists owners in maintaining the high quality and usability of the ECU website.

Owners of content posted on the domain including department WordPress sites, WordPress blogs and the MyWeb/WWW2 servers are required to comply with ECU’s Web Standards and Responsibilities which includes adoption of the WCAG AA accessibility standard.

Complete this request to begin receiving your site's monthly report or to request help in making the most of Siteimprove's features. 

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Faculty, Staff

Get Started

To ensure your content is accurate, accessible and follows the Web Content Accessible Guidelines (WCAG) (Level AA), start with these steps:

  1. Visit the Web Standards and Responsibilities for an overview of the responsibilities for online content owners.
  2. See the IT Accessibility Overview for information about course reviews, website reviews and software reviews.
  3. Review the Video Captioning Requirements for the overall requirement and the difference between public video content and course content with restricted access.
  4. Submit this request for your site’s monthly Siteimprove report.
  5. See the support links in the Navigate Siteimprove section on this page.
  6. Submit this request for Siteimprove questions, support or to request training for you or your group.

Features and Benefits

Siteimprove can search for specific content in a website. For example, if your department’s name has changed, ITCS can provide you with a list of pages still referring to the previous name. Siteimprove can also search for links from one ECU page to another and other scenarios. Submit this service request, and a technician will call you to discuss.

Related Policies and Guidelines

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The Siteimprove tool starts at the home page, then follows all links within the site to crawl each file. Note that, if a page is an “orphan,” meaning it is not linked on any other page, Siteimprove will not know it exists. The monthly Siteimprove report consists of two parts:

  • The Quality Assurance and Accessibility score snapshots
  • Information about and the number of broken links and misspelled words

In addition to the monthly Siteimprove report, there is also a Siteimprove Accessibility Checker extension for the Chrome Browser. Once added to Chrome, you are able to check an individual page for WCAG issues. Problems are highlighted on the page, and the extension includes an explanation of the problem and the fix.

Please note that, as a part of the university’s Web Content Regulation, several randomly-selected websites are reviewed quarterly by Disability Support Services, ITCS and Creative Services to ensure compliance with accessibility, security and adherence to design requirements outlined in the regulation. Site owners are emailed the results.


No fees are associated with this service.

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Educational resources, technologies, software, websites and other materials must comply with accessibility standards to help all users participate and succeed.
The Siteimprove web governance tool's monthly report consists of two parts: 1) the Quality Assurance and Accessibility score snapshots, and 2) Information about and the number of broken links and misspelled words.


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