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Available to all faculty and staff, go.ecu.edu is ECU’s internal URL shortening service that allows customization of long URLs to a more user-friendly format for print, web or social media purposes.

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Faculty, Staff, Researchers

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Submit this form. You must agree to the Terms of Service. Once granted, your access allows log in to tools.ecu.edu dashboard to access the go.ecu.edu service.

Create a Link

Step 1. Decide the shorter URL. For example, the long link, itcs.ecu.edu/great-recipes/macaroni-and-cheese could be shortened to go.ecu.edu/mac-and-cheese.

For URL recommendations, visit Web Standards: Section VI. Domain Names and URL Management

Step 2. Log in to tools.ecu.edu and choose the go.ecu.edu service. Enter your new URL in this format: go.ecu.edu/your-chosen-url-here (see example above). Add tags to each shortened URL to easily find all shortened links for your department.

You now have a shorter URL to use in print, web, email and social media. You can also choose a generated hash for a short, nondescript URL particularly useful for social media applications.

Related Policies and Guidelines

Terms of Service

Only ECU-approved domains are allowed. If you need to request a domain be added to the tool, please submit this request.

URLs are provided on a first come, first served basis. If your selected URL is deemed more appropriately assigned to another department or entity, the issue will be adjudicated by the Web Oversight Committee. If you think a URL has been inappropriately assigned, please submit this request.

For optimal user experience and higher search engine page rankings, see these SEO guidelines for creating URLs.


No fees are associated with this service.

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