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Just like a paper certificate, a digital badge verifies a participant has successfully completed a training, course, certification, task, project or assignment. The digital badge includes metadata that can be shared on social or professional networks, websites, portfolios or a resume. Others can then view the badge details and authenticity.

ECU uses Canvas Credentials (formerly Badgr Pro) to issue digital badges. Most features are available in Canvas, but badges can also be issued outside Canvas. Submit this request to have a classroom engagement or co-curricular engagement badge created. You may also upload a design idea, if you have one. On average, badge designs are completed within 7 business days.

A badge can only be issued by those designated in this service request. However, issuers can be updated as needed by request.

Embedded metadata includes

  • Badge name and description
  • Earning criteria
  • Issuer
  • Completion evidence
  • Issue date
  • Expiration date
  • Tags

NOTE: Personal information such as name, email or phone number is never part of the metadata of a badge.

Badge recipients:

  • Badge issuers keep the record of recipient names and email addresses. This information is not embedded in the badge.
  • Those wishing to verify a badge must provide the email used for issuance.
  • Within Badgr, the badge recipient controls which badges are public or private and which badges share outside your Badgr backpack.

Available To

Faculty, Staff

Get Started

Submit this request. Your badge will be designed, and a technician will contact you to schedule a brief training session.


If a badge includes an official ECU logo, you must provide the Proof of Approval form from University Communications Logo Review.

Features and Benefits

Badgr Pathways

Pathways show learners the available paths to reach an end goal and can include badges from a variety of issuers.

QR & Claim Codes

Issuing badges doesn’t have to be limited to Canvas or manual issuing. Use QR codes to award badges during a museum scavenger hunt, checking in to a conference or attending a tutoring session. Claim codes and links can be hidden in your syllabus to reward the diligent, on your class website or employee training class.

Bulk Awards

When the entire group has achieved something great, showcase it with a digital badge. Bulk awarding allows you to recognize a group of any size.

Reporting & Analytics

Access analytics directly from your Canvas course and use the data to improve engagement and student success.

Integrated Services

Canvas LMS


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