Campus Conferencing Options

ECU supports several solutions for online meetings, including dedicated conference rooms and classrooms for groups or software that connects two or more individuals through a desktop, laptop or mobile device. Most tools include video, audio, whiteboard and screen sharing. Here’s what you need to know

Dedicated audiovisual hardware

High-definition cameras, multiple audio inputs, desktop computers and other equipment permanently set up in dedicated conference rooms or classrooms.

Conference room/classroom

Equipped with dedicated audiovisual hardware (see above) to connect two or more participant groups. Find an ECU conference room through the Classroom Technology database.

Submit this service request to schedule a classroom or conference room. Techs set up the room and provide support, as needed.

Sensitive information

A conferencing tool, whether hardware or software, must be approved for use with certain types of information. Your solution may depend on whether or not meeting topics include HIPAA, FERPA or other sensitive information.

Software conferencing

Two or more individuals meet online through a software program or app installed on a desktop, laptop or mobile device. Most conferencing software also allows users to dial in to a meeting using a VoIP telephone for an audio connection. Available device hardware such as webcams and microphones determine how users connect.
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