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In residence halls, internet-ready devices like smart TVs or other multimedia equipment must be connected to the ecu-wifi network or the wired network, not eduroam. You can register up to two internet-ready devices by following these instructions to avoid daily authentication.

Please Note: If the mydevices.ecu.edu link does not work, log in to ECU's virtual private network (VPN), remoteaccess.ecu.edu to see if this solves the problem. See these step-by-step vpn guides. Otherwise, call the IT Service Desk at 252-328-9866 or walk in to your nearest Pirate Techs location.

Add a New Device

Step 1

Open a browser and navigate to https://mydevices.ecu.edu. Log in, read the Acceptable Use Policy and click Accept.

The Manage Devices screen opens.


Step 2

Click the Add button on the Manage Devices screen and complete the registration form:

  1. Enter a name for your device (no special characters).
  2. Enter the device's MAC Address. This number is usually found near the device's serial number. It consists of 6 alphanumeric number pairs separated by colons such as AA:BB:CC:11:22:33 Wireless MAC or Wi-Fi address. You can also find the MAC address within your system settings. See the Related Articles section on this page for a link to more information on how to locate your MAC address.
  3. Enter a short description of your device (your choice).
  4. Click Submit.

The Manage Devices screen re-opens. You will see the new device listed in the manage devices list. You will also see the statement, Pending, and this is normal.


Manage Devices

Log in to https://mydevices.ecu.edu. The Manage Devices screen opens. Check the box next to the device you wish to manage to edit, delete or report the device as lost.


Edit the description

Selecting the Edit button allows you to update the device description.

Note: If the device’s MAC address is wrong, delete the device and add it again using the correct MAC address. Click Submit to save your changes.


Delete a device


The Delete button removes a device.


Note: If replacing a device, delete the original device first, then add the new device.



Report as lost


The Lost button removes network access for that device. You can reinstate the device at any time.



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