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Wired and wireless network instructions, VPN and guest network help, find your MAC address

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Eduroam is ECU's primary wireless network for all faculty, staff and students.

Guest Account

ECU visitors can request their guest network account or a sponsor can request and manage the temporary account. All guest accounts are sponsored by ECU faculty or staff.

Wired Network

Connect computers and internet-ready devices in residence halls and campus buildings


Securely connect to ECU resources while off campus through the ECU virtual private network.

Articles (3)

Locate Your Device's MAC Address

The Media Access Control (MAC) address is a unique series of letters and numbers that works with the IP address to identify your system on the ECU network.

Network Scanning Guideline

This article outlines the prohibition of unauthorized network scans.

Working With Your Home WiFi

These suggestions and tips on managing your home network may help when you are teleworking.