Locate Your Device's MAC Address

The Media Access Control (MAC) address is a unique series of letters and numbers assigned to your computer’s network card that works with the IP address to identify your system on the ECU network. Scroll down for specific instructions to your device's OS.

Windows 10/11

Step 1. Open the Command Prompt app by clicking its shortcut on the Start menu. The Windows command line dialog box opens.


The Command Prompt app can also be found from the app list under Windows System.


Step 2. At the blinking cursor, type ipconfig /all. Pay attention to the spaces: ipconfig[space]/all


The network card settings open. The MAC address is listed as the Physical Address under the Wireless LAN adapter Wi-Fi section.



Step 1. From the apple menu, choose System Preferences.

Step 2. From the System Preferences dialog box, choose Network.

Step 3. From the Network dialog box, click Wi-Fi.

Step 4. From the Wi-Fi dialog box, click the Advanced… button (lower right).


Step 5. From the Advanced… dialog box, click the Hardware tab. Your MAC address shows in the dialog box.


Android Client

Step 1. From your Android device, open Settings.

Step 2. From Settings, choose Connections.


Step 3. From Connections, Choose Wi-Fi.


Step 4. From the Wi-Fi dialog box, click the Advanced link (upper right).


Step 5. From the Advanced section, click the View more down arrow. The MAC address is located in this list near the bottom.


iPhone Client

Step 1. Open your iPhone’s settings.

Step 2. From Settings, choose General.


Step 3. From the General section, choose About.


The MAC address is listed as the Wi-Fi Address.


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