Captioning Live Meetings and Video

Why Add Captions?

The primary purpose of captions and transcripts is to provide accessibility for people who are deaf or hard of hearing. 48 million Americans experience hearing loss, and closed captions are the best way to make media content accessible.

University Captioning Requirements

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Benefits of captions

How to Caption Video & Meeting Recordings

How to Add Captions to Live Meetings

Benefits of Captions

Teaching & Learning

  1. Increase comprehension in for all viewers including those for those who are not native speakers.
  2. Provides viewing flexibility in environments where background noise interferes with listening.
  3. Transcripts can be used as study guides or translated to other languages for multilingual captions.

Marketing and Communication

Captions improve SEO (Search Engine Optimization) by giving search engines content to crawl. The transcript text is the only way search engines can correctly index a video.

How to Caption Video & Meeting Recordings

All systems listed provide autogenerated captions, which can be edited to improve accuracy

System Features How to

Canvas Studio
(Canvas Users)

  • Autogenerated captions can be requested.
  • Existing caption files can be uploaded for captioning.
  • Autogenerated captions can be edited/downloaded.
 Add captions to Studio media
Microsoft Stream
(All users)
  • Autogenerate captions can requested.
  • Autogenerated captions can be edited/downloaded.
  • Existing caption files can be uploaded.
Generate captions for Stream videos
(All users)
  • Autogenerated generated transcripts are added meeting recordings and can be edited.
  • Transcripts can be edited/downloaded through the portal.
Edit Webex recording transcripts

How to Add Captions to Live Meetings

Live meeting captions using these tools will not be 100% accurate.

System Features How to
Microsoft Teams
(All users)
  • Organizers do not need to take action to provide live captions.
  • Captions are only available in English.
  • Live captions are not saved with recordings.
  • Recordings are stored in Stream, which can be used to autogenerate editable captions.   

Enable Teams Meeting live captions

Note: Any participant can enable live captions for their meeting experience.

(Faculty, staff)
  • Per request, the Webex assistant can be enabled in for your account to provide live meeting captions. 
  • Host/Co-host must enable the Webex Assistant to allow participants to use live captions.
  • All post meeting recordings are automatically captioned, and captions can be edited.    

Request the Webex Assistant

Enable Webex Assistant (Hosts/Co-hosts)

Show live Webex captions (All)


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