IT Accessibility

Accessible emails, web pages, course content, video captioning requirements and more.

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Verification of accessibility compliance is conducted on all applicable technology, software and service purchases.

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Pinned Article Accessibility Overview and Resources

Educational resources, technologies, software, websites and other materials must comply with accessibility standards to help all users participate and succeed.

Building Accessible Web Pages

Web accessibility means creating digital resources on the web that everyone can use. This involves creating a web that is accessible to people with disabilities that may affect how they use the Web, including but not limited to visual, auditory, physical, speech, cognitive and neurological disabilities.

Captioning Live Meetings and Video

Closed captioning benefits, resources and how-tos.

Create Accessible Email Announcements

Design accessible event announcements using these guidelines.

Video Captioning Requirements

According to the ECU Video Captioning Requirements, video content publicly available on the ECU website must contain closed captioning.