Set Up Webex in Canvas Courses

In each course, instructors must activate and choose Webex features.

Activate Webex

  1. Click/touch Settings in the course navigation.
  2. Click/touch the Navigation tab.
  3. Locate Cisco Webex in the list of hidden tools.
  4. Drag Cisco WebEx to the list of available tools for your course.
  5. Click/touch Save.
  6.  Cisco Webex will be added to the course navigation.

Active Webex in Canvas Course

Choose Features (Meetings/Office Hours)

  1. Click/touch Cisco WebEx in the left course navigation.
  2. From the Setup tab, Choose your features.

    Virtual Meetings: Schedule online course meetings. The instructor must initiate the start of the meeting. Virtual Meetings allow for up to 200 attendees. Having students not share their camera will help with stability.

    Office Hours:  The instructor selects days and times of availability. Students may sign-up for appointments and the instructor is notified of reserved appointments.

    Webex Features
  3. Click/touch Authorize to allow WebEx to sync your Canvas account.
    Autorize Webex in Canvas
  4. To activate Meeting Attendance Grading, click/touch Turn On.
    This option creates a Canvas assignment and automatically assigns a grade to students based on points entered after turning on.
    Turn On Webex Meeting Attendance


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