Use Canvas and Webex together.

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Pinned Article FAQ - Webex for Instruction

Answers concerning setup, internet connection, simple troubleshooting and more.

Webex - Schedule Class Meetings & Office Hours in Canvas

Steps for scheduling Webex class meetings and office hours in Canvas.

Webex - Set Up in Canvas

Steps for activating and setting up Webex in Canvas courses. Steps must be done in each Canvas course.

Webex - Student Appointments in Canvas

This article provides steps students follow to book Webex appointments with instructors in Canvas.

Webex - Reauthorize in Canvas

This article covers steps to reauthorize Webex in Canvas.

Webex - Invite Guests to Meeting Scheduled in Canvas

This article provides steps for inviting guests to participate in meetings scheduled in Canvas.

Granting Access to Course Recordings

Occasionally, viewing access to course recordings is required for peer review, accreditation, sharing, etc. See this standard procedure for requesting access.