Schedule Webex Meetings & Office Hours in Canvas


After activating the Webex in Canvas, you can begin scheduling meetings.

  1. Click/touch Cisco WebEx from the course navigation.
  2. From Virtual Meetings, click/touch New Meeting.
    Image of New Meeting button.
  3. Enter a Name.
  4. Set the Meeting date and Duration.
  5. Choose the Host Center.
    • Meeting:  Can used if all students will be in the same room for the entire meeting.
    • Training (recommended): Allows host to manage participants and also allows the host to use break-out rooms so students can meet in small groups
    • Event:  Webinar style meeting for a large number of participants.
  6. Click/touch Create Meeting.
  7. Scheduled meeting(s) are listed in the Upcoming meetings tab.
  8. Recordings are listed in the Past Meetings tab.
  9. To begin a meeting, click/touch Host.
    : Only the instructor that creates the meeting can Host or start the meeting.

Office Hours

Office Hours appointments will be available to students in ALL courses  in which Cisco Webex is enabled. You only need to schedule office hours once.

  1. Click/touch Cisco WebEx on the left course navigation.
  2. Click/touch Office Hours. If you haven't done so yet, you will need to click on the button to login and authorize Webex to manage your schedule.
  3. From the top left of the Availability schedule set the default Meeting duration. From the top left, set the Appointment buffer.
  4. For each day, choose the time lots you will be available for appointments.
    Image of Webex Office Hours selection menu.
  5. Click/touch Save.

How Students Schedule Appointments

  1. Click/touch Cisco Webex in the course navigation.
  2. Open the Office Hours tab.
  3. Select a time.
  4. Click/touch Confirm Meeting.


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