Webex Class Meetings & Office Hours in Canvas


This article provides steps to use Webex in Canvas to host class meetings and office hours.

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Schedule Class Meetings

Set Available Webex Office Hours

Class Meetings

After activating the Webex in Canvas, you can begin scheduling meetings.

From the course navigation, open Cisco WebEx.

Screenshot: Webex Canvas Course nav

From Virtual Meetings tab, click New Meeting.

Screenshot: New meeting button

(1) Enter a Name.

(2) Choose a Session Type.

Note: Training is no longer being updated by Cisco and will be retired later this year.

(3) Set a Meeting date.

(4) Set the Recurrence.

(5) Set the Duration.

(6) Click Create Meeting.

Note: Only the meeting creator can start a meeting(s).
Screenshot: Meeting Set Up

Office Hours

After activating Webex in Canvas, you can schedule Office Hours for students to sign up for virtual meetings.

Before You Get Started

  • You only need to set available office hours in one course each semester.
  • The Webex integration will make the same office hours available across all courses.

Set Available Office Hours

(1) From the course navigation, open Cisco Webex. Screenshot: Cisco Webex cour navigation

(2) Open the Office Hours tab.

(3) Set the (a) Meeting duration, (b) Buffer time and (c) select days and times for your office hours.

(4) Scroll down and click Save (not pictured in screenshot).

Note: If Office Hours tab not available, open the Setup tab and enable Office Hours.

Screenshot: Office Hours tab

How do students schedule Webex Office Hours meetings in Canvas?

  • Students open Cisco Webex from the course nav then the Office Hours tab to select a meeting time.
  • The instructor and student receive an invite/email notification with a link to access the meeting. The meeting can be saved to your calendar.


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