Webex - Invite Guests to Meeting Scheduled in Canvas


This article provides steps for inviting guests to participate in Webex meetings that have been scheduled using the Canvas Webex integration.

Before You Begin

  • Schedule the meeting(s) in Canvas.
  • If a guest(s) is invited to a recurring meeting scheduled in Canvas, they will receive a recurring meeting invitation.
  • We recommend scheduling a single occurrence meeting if your guest does not need to attend all meetings.

In this Article

How to Invite Guests

How to Assign Cohost and Remove Guests

How to Invite Guests

  1. Log in to ecu.webex.com.
  2. From the left navigation, click Meetings.
  3. Locate and click the name of the meeting you want to invite a guest to.
  4. In the Who is invited? field, enter the email address of the guest and click Enter.
  5. IMPORTANT: The guest receives an email notification with a link to access the meeting. They should keep this e-mail.

Screenshot: Meetings link ecu.webex.com

Screenshot: Meeting

Screenshot: Who is invited?

How to Assign Cohost and Remove Guests

Assign Cohost

At the end of the ECU invitee’s name, click options () and choose Assign cohost.

IMPORTANT: Non-ECU guests can only be made cohosts during the meeting.


Next to the invitee’s name, click options () and choose Remove.

Note: The invitee receives an e-mail that the meeting has been changed.
Screenshot: Assign Cohost Remove



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