Microsoft Stream Overview

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Available to

Faculty, Staff, Students


Understanding these terms makes it easy to navigate through Stream.

  • Microsoft 365. Subscription through Microsoft that includes apps and services like ECU email, OneDrive cloud storage with Office Online, Teams, SharePoint, Office Suite downloads and Stream.
  • Channel. Videos are organized through channels. A Company-wide channel allows any ECU user to access and contribute to the channel. A group channel is created through Stream or chosen from other 365 groups. Follow a channel for notifications of new content. Hashtags help users search content.
  • 365 Group. Control access to videos through groups. A group created in any 365 service like Teams can be used with any other 365 service like Stream. Groups are private or public (company wide), and you allow whether members contribute content. Permissions set for the group remain the same no matter the service.

What is Microsoft Stream?

Microsoft Stream is a secure video service (part of your ECU Microsoft 365 subscription) that works as an ECU-only, online video repository or within Teams, SharePoint and Office apps like PowerPoint and Word. Stream is a powerful tool for your department or work/student group for creating, storing and uploading video content to share with a few or all ECU users.

ECU currently offers Stream’s classic version but is transitioning to the latest version as Microsoft releases updated features. This new Stream will integrate more fully with other Microsoft 365 apps and services to create a more integrated experience. You can already see this in action when you record a Teams meeting, and the recording is available in the Teams chat.


Creators Viewers
  • Mobile Stream app
  • Department portal page (can be branded with logos, etc.)
  • Stream channels to organize videos (company-wide and private)
  • 365 groups to assign permissions
  • Upload MP4s and many more formats
  • Screen recording (Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers only)
  • Auto-generate or manual caption/transcript file (both editable)
  • Trimming beginning and end of video
  • Embed code (users are prompted to sign in)
  • Add a Microsoft form for quizzes and surveys
  • Sharing to individuals, groups or all ECU users
  • Mobile Stream app
  • Channels can be followed for notification of new content
  • Videos have an individual page with a description, transcript and comment text box
  • Videos can be liked
  • Adjustable playback speed
  • Watchlist availability
  • Searchable transcripts, descriptions and titles

Log in

  1. Go to
  2. Authenticate with your ECU credentials. Your Microsoft 365 portal opens.
  3. Click the Stream logo to open your home page.

Why use Microsoft Stream?

Stream is private to ECU users, so content is specific to your department, project group, course presentation and more. Stream is also secure behind the ECU firewall.

Use cases

Here are a few ways to use Stream:

  • An internal video hub for a department’s training and presentations
  • A project group’s channel to store vendor presentations
  • Sharing course projects or class lectures
  • Recording a meeting




To ensure appropriate security for your video content, see the Microsoft Stream Terms and Conditions page.


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