H5P - How to Record Grades in Gradebook


In this article, you will learn how to use H5P in a Canvas assignment so that a grade for interaction with the H5P content is recorded in the Canvas gradebook.

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Before You Begin

  • If Do Not Send Score is selected in your H5P LTI Settings, a grade will not be recorded even if an assignment is set up correctly.
    Screenshot: H5P LTI Settings
  • Not all H5P content types allow the interaction to be recorded as a grade. This H5P Content Types document identifies which content types for which a grade can be recorded.

Course Integration Tip

H5P is best integrated into courses as a tool to foster active learning through activities such as self-checks. It is not recommended to use H5P to replace or substitute assessment.

Grading with H5P Video

Image: Grading with H5P Video Thumbnail

Setting Up the Assignment

Step 1: Create an Assignment


Step 2: Enter Points

Screenshot: Assigment points

Step 3: Set Submission Type

3.1 - Set the Submission Type to External Tool then click Find.

3.2 - Locate and choose Interactive Content-H5P from the list of apps.

Screenshot: Submission type dropdown

Step 4: Insert Content

Click the Insert button for the content you want to use in the assignment.

Screenshot: Insert content

Step 5: Verify the URL

Visually verify that the H5P URL to your content has been inserted into the URL field of the external tool configurator. Click Select.

Screenshot: External tool configurator

Step 5: Save & Publish

Be sure to set or enter applicable assignment settings not covered in this article (i.e., description, assignment group, grade display, attempts, etc.) before saving and publishing.



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