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General Information

What are DocuSign and Formstack?

DocuSign and Formstack are electronic tools designed to simplify manual tasks. DocuSign allows for signing of documents that are legally binding, alleviating the need to print and mail documents. Formstack is a web-based forms application designed to digitize data collection. There are many similar products, and you’ve probably used them in daily life.

Can I use these platforms myself or does ITCS run them?

Both platforms are very intuitive and can be managed by faculty, staff and student employees. ITCS offers consultations to get started and assistance if you need a template, complex form or workflow created.

Which tool is best for collecting data?

Formstack is the best tool for collecting data. Examples include event registration, surveys, online applications, questionnaires, etc.

How do I decide between DocuSign and Formstack?

DocuSign is the solution if you send documents to different individuals and require a signature or if you require a legally binding signature. Examples include a student housing contract, employment contract, HIPAA privacy policy, etc.

Formstack is an ideal solution for collecting data, such as event registrations, applications, purchase requisitions or a web form to replace a PDF form.

Are there department costs or chargebacks associated with DocuSign or Formstack?

No, both services are offered at no cost to the user/department. There are, however, usage costs associated with DocuSign that ECU pays, so Formstack is preferred if either platform will work for the specific need.

I need a legally binding signature. Which tool is best?

DocuSign signatures are legally binding in the United States (with a few exceptions). More detailed information about the legality of DocuSign signatures can be found at https://www.docusign.com/blog/are-electronic-signatures-legal.

What if I need to send the same document for signature on a regular basis?

DocuSign has templates that allow you to use the same form on a regular basis. They are fairly simple to create yourself or ITCS can work with you to make sure they are set up correctly. This way you don’t have to recreate the document each time you need to send it out.

What if someone who needs to sign is out of the office? Is there a way another person can sign in their place?

Our account has access to create Signing Groups. We can create a group for your needs that has multiple individuals who can sign a document.

Can I create a link to a template or form to add to my website or use in other places?

Yes, both DocuSign and Formstack allow you to share the URL of a template or form on a webpage or elsewhere as needed. In DocuSign these are referred to as PowerForms. In Formstack, all the forms automatically have a shareable URL.


What document formats are supported in DocuSign?

DocuSign supports popular file formats including doc, docm, docx, dot, dotm, dotx, htm, html, msg, pdf, rtf, txt, wpd, xhtml, xps, bmp, gif, heic, jpg, jpeg, png, tif, tiff, csv, xls, xlsm, and xlsx.

If I send a document in DocuSign, does the signer need a DocuSign account?

No, signers do not need a DocuSign account. A signer receives an email from DocuSign that contains instructions on how to sign the document. Generally, this means the signer clicks on a link embedded in the email to initiate the signing process.

What if I need FDA compliance in DocuSign?

ITCS offers a secondary, FDA-compliant account that meets 21 CFR Part 11 standards. Please inquire with ITCS about gaining access to this account.


Is learning Formstack difficult?

No, not at all. Formstack is a web-based tool you can use with all major web browsers. Choose from templates or create your own form from scratch. Formstack can also create workflows if you need to collect data from multiple individuals in a form. The robust form tools available guarantee you will be able to create exactly the form you need.

How do I get data from Formstack?

Formstack data is automatically saved online and can be viewed anytime, even while the form is active. Data can also be exported so it can be sorted and manipulated on your computer. Form submissions can also be configured to send the responses to an email address. There are many options for receiving and working with Formstack data.

What types of data is Formstack approved for?

Formstack has been approved for FERPA and PII data. It has also been approved for finance data, but Financial Services needs to approve any such form. It has NOT been approved to collect HIPAA or PCI data.


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