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DocuSign is an electronic signature service that allows you to securely sign and initial an electronic document instead of a paper copy. Departments can replace paper documents with secure digital files for secure signatures. Electronic routing is allowed to one person or many people – and you can easily see the status of the documents in process.

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Features and Benefits

Transform your current paper workflows into a digital process. There are several advantages to using DocuSign:

  • Secure and legally binding. DocuSign provides secure delivery of official documents and is legally binding.
  • Saves time. Unlike a manual delivery process that might take weeks, DocuSign electronic documents are routed through the approval process as they are signed, reducing turnaround time, mailing costs and staff time.
  • Saves money. The DocuSign process is completely paperless, reducing print, postal and storage costs.
  • Tracks the document. DocuSign tracks each document’s location in real time as well as who still needs to sign it, with updates sent periodically to remind signers they have a document waiting for their approval. No more physical forms getting lost amid the clutter.
  • Two-factor authentication for sensitive data users is a requirement. See this two-factor authentication support document from

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