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Formstack is a web-based, electronic form builder and workflow/data management tool. Users create online forms to replace Word/PDF documents, then configure workflows, approvals and routing. Formstack is mobile friendly, secure and standards compliant.

Formstack is the ideal tool for:
  • Project data
  • Award and scholarship applications
  • Informal surveys
  • Departmental data needs like purchase requisitions or staffing changes
  • Common requests currently utilizing paper forms

How does Formstack work?

Formstack allows you to create simple yet powerful forms and workflows in a web-based user interface. The interface uses click and drag technology to rapidly create and deploy a form without any programming knowledge. Once the base form is built, items like email notifications, submission messages and approval workflows can be added. Individual form submissions are available to view or export in an Excel format. Formstack also integrates with ECU’s single sign-on technology. This means users can be required to authenticate before completing a form and certain directory information can be pre-populated in the form.

Usage Guidelines

Form creators are expected to be aware of the type of data being collected and get approvals from the appropriate data steward before collecting any Level 3 or Level 4 data for each form. No prior approval is required to collect Level 1 or Level 2 data. ECU categorizes data into four levels explained on the University Data Governance Data Classifications page.

If you are unsure of the data type being collected, visit the Data Steward Committee page to contact the appropriate individual before starting your form.

If you are collecting Level 3 or Level 4 data, it is required you obtain data steward approval before collecting the data for each form being built. Complete a Formstack Data Collection Approval request that routes to the appropriate data steward.

Additional Requirements:

  1. Do not collect information you do not need.
  2. If you are emailing form submissions or exporting form data, the recipient emails must end in Do not send submission data or data exports to non-ECU accounts without approval from the data steward.
  3. Formstack is NOT approved to collect HIPAA data. If you have questions about whether it qualifies as HIPAA data, contact Michelle DeVille.
  4. Formstack is NOT approved to collect PCI data. Contact Robin Mayo if you have specific questions about PCI data collection.
  5. Sensitive and confidential data should be stored with encryption technology within Formstack.
  6. Banner ID Is considered Level 2 data and does not require prior approval for collection.
  7. Follow all records retention requirements as outlined in the University General Records Management regulation.

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Available To

Faculty, Staff, Researchers, Student Organizations (account through faculty/staff advisor)

Get Started

  1. Review the user guidelines above.
  2. Seek approval for collecting Level III or Level IV data (if applicable).
  3. Submit this Formstack request if you need a Formstack account or support from ITCS.
  4. Build and publish your form.


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