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WiFi network. Devices send data through radio signals distributed through routers, switches and other hardware. ECU’s wireless networks are named eduroam and ecu-wifi.

Cellular Service. Mobile-based network. Users send and receive data transmitted using mobile towers and antennas. ECU has contracts with AT&T, Verizon, US Cellular and T-Mobile to maintain a mobile network in and around buildings on ECU’s main campus.

Distributed Antenna System. Cellular-based network distributed within and around main campus buildings. The cellular signal is transmitted from a remote tower to each building and then distributed throughout that building to provide a strong signal and better user experience. Cellular service provider locations below.

What is a DAS?

We all know ECU's wireless network, eduroam, keeps users connected. But did you know there is a cellular mobile network within and around main campus buildings? The technical term is distributed antenna system, or DAS. A DAS provides a stronger cell signal throughout a building with little signal loss for a better user experience.

Locations for the different carriers are listed in the table or see the Google map images.

Why use ?

Spotty signal reception can be a common problem within older buildings constructed of concrete, metal, brick and plaster as it is hard for wireless signals to travel through these materials. Reception can also be poor within and around crowded buildings with multiple users trying to connect simultaneously.

Each building has multiple antennas that distribute a strong signal in and around each building so that more users can connect simultaneously while experiencing a strong signal.

Service provider locations

Building Carriers
Dowdy-Ficklen Stadium AT&T, Verizon, US Cellular
Student Center AT&T, T-Mobile
Joyner Library AT&T, T-Mobile
Bate Building AT&T, T-Mobile
Austin Building T-Mobile
R.H. Wright Auditorium T-Mobile
Spilman Building T-Mobile
Belk Residence Hall/Gateway Residence Hall T-Mobile
College Hill Suites T-Mobile

main campus buildings

stadium and residence halls

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