Unpaid Affiliate Accounts


The Unpaid Affiliate Access button opens a login screen for the Human Resources portal.

 Phone: 252-328-9866 / 800-340-7081


An unpaid affiliate is any person who does not have a directly-compensated payroll relationship with ECU but is required to be issued a Banner ID and/or PirateID account for the purpose of providing a service.

This includes, but is not limited to, volunteers, unpaid (adjunct) faculty and other third-party persons who may require access to ECU systems requiring a Banner ID and/or PirateID account.

To learn the specifics of persons considered unpaid affiliates and the process to follow, visit the Human Resources Unpaid Affiliates website (log in required).*

Access to Microsoft 365

Most unpaid affiliates receive the Microsoft 365 A1 license to perform their duties. This license includes access to most 365 features including SharePoint, Teams, OneDrive cloud storage and Office Online apps, including Outlook (web version). The A1 license does not include the five Office 365 Suite downloads for personal computers.

Some unpaid affiliates are considered ECU employees and receive the A5 license that includes the five Office 365 Suite downloads for personal computers.

Early Access to Canvas

The unpaid affiliate process is not approved to provide access to Canvas for instructors who have not yet completed the hiring process.

Automated processes are in place that create a Canvas account upon an employee record being generated in Banner. This record is created once the appropriate hiring action is applied in Banner. The creation of the employee record is not effective dated and will trigger the automated ITCS processes within a business day to create a PirateID account and any additional system access (including Canvas). Whenever there are access concerns, please contact the Division of Academic Affairs Office of Personnel Administration for further guidance.

*Please Note: Visitors who only require guest network access but not a PirateID or access to ECU computing systems, please create a guest network account by following these instructions.

*For security reasons, Users who log in off campus must be connected to the ECU virtual private network.

Available To

Faculty, Staff


No fees are associated with this service.

Unpaid Affiliates Access


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