Accounts - Access

PirateID, MFA/two-step verification, account management, Banner module approvals, Azure SSO applications.

Categories (2)

PirateID Account

PirateID user accounts and unpaid affiliate information.

Employee Account Mgmt

SUPERVISORS submit these forms to terminate/transfer an employee's account access.

Services (3)

Azure SSO Application Request

Administrators submit this request to have Azure SSO configured for an application so users log in using ECU credentials and multifactor authentication.

ECU Account Authentication

MULTIFACTOR AUTHENTICATION (MFA), also called two-step verification or two-factor verification, is ECU's security action to verify your identity during log in to ECU resources.

*Accounts and Passwords Support

For general problems with your PirateID such as a locked account or a passphrase reset, visit for resolution. If the problem persists, please submit this service request.