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Manage Your Department Events Using the University Wide Calendar

This calendar has many social media features and you should always follow the ECU Social Media Guidelines and the ECU Social Media Regulation when posting information.

For example, if you upload pictures but indicate the pictures are public, others will see your pictures. If you indicate you are going to an event, then it is publicly posted that you are attending.

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Photo Requirements

It is best to resize an image before it is uploaded to the calendar. This ensures that important information is not inadvertently cropped out of the photo. You can use Croppola or the Microsoft Picture Manager to resize an image to the correct size before upload. The minimum width for photos is 200 pixels with an aspect ratio of 4:3.

You can crop the image to a 4:3 ratio after uploading it but this will not guarantee that you get all the information in an image if you are using an advertisement or brochure from the event.


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