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For one-time incentive payments of $50 or less to an individual in a calendar year or participant payments for which the research protocol, costs or technical issues preclude the use of Greenphire debit cards, you must enter your information into this Greenphire Exceptions Request site. Full name and physical address are required unless the study requires anonymity.

This site will process your request, route it for approval and establish a project-specific folder in the Online Participant Log where participant payments for the approved study are recorded. Upon approval of the request, a project-specific link will be emailed to you. Use the link to record the payments made to participants in your study.

The Online Participant Log serves as the institutional record for payments made outside of Greenphire, and all payments to participants in any form other than a Greenphire debit card must be recorded in the Online Participant Log. The Online Participant Log replaces the paper logs that investigators previously had to submit annually to Accounts Payable. All payments made to participants must comply with human subjects protection policies and guidelines.

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