Chrome River and Greenphire service requests.

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Chrome River Service Request

Chrome River is a reimbursement system that ECU uses to electronically create, submit and approve pre-approvals, expense reports and ProCard Reconciliation.

Greenphire Exceptions Database

For one-time incentive payment of $50 or less to an individual in a calendar year or participant payments for which the research protocol costs, or technical issues preclude the use of Greenphire debit cards, you must enter your information into this Greenphire Exceptions Request site.

NOTE: If gift cards are your payment solution, before you purchase any cards, you must first obtain an approved Authorization for the Purchase of Gift Cards/Gift Certifications, Incentives, or Prizes form. This form and instructions can be found in the Guide to Materials Management on Materials Management's webpage.

Greenphire Service Request

Greenphire is a system to track and pay research study participants.