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Available to

Students only; faculty and staff have no printing allowance for computer labs or Mobility Print printers.


Mobility Print - A service that allows students to print wirelessly through their Android, Chromebook, macOS, iOS or Windows mobile device while on-campus and connected to the eduroam network. Mobility Print also manages each student's print allowance balance.

Print allowance - Each enrolled student is budgeted $30 per academic year to print classwork through the Mobility Print service and computer labs.

eduroam network - ECU's secure network. Devices must be onboarded. To print through the Pirate Print service, your mobile device must be connected to the eduroam network.

What is Pirate Print?

Every enrolled ECU student is allotted a $30 print allowance each academic year. Allocated from student technology fees, each time you print a class assignment through the Mobility Print service or computer lab printer, your balance declines accordingly. There is no charge to scan a document.

Classwork can be printed in a computer lab or wirelessly through your mobile device to one of several Print Mobility printers located in hallways and lobbies on campus. You must first connect to the eduroam network, then install one of the Print Mobility printers to your macOS, Windows or iOS device. Android and Chromebook users install the Mobility Print app from their device's app store.

Fall and Spring semesters' budget is $10. Summer Sessions I and II and/or the 11-week session are $2.50. Unused funds roll to the next semester until August, when any unused balance is lost (personal funds remain in the account). 

Check your print balance, transactions and print history by logging in to a lab computer or the Pirate Print system. You can also add personal funds using a credit/debit card to the print balance if your quota is exhausted. There is no cash option available.

Current rates

  • Black/white documents - $0.02 per page
  • Color documents - $0.10 per page
  • Specialty printing is charged at $0.10 per square foot
  • There is no charge to scan documents

Printer Locations

Copy/Scan Service

Students can copy and scan documents in several campus computer labs. Copies cost $0.02 for b/w and $0.10 for color (per page). There is NO CHARGE to scan.

Belk Building | Map Joyner Library | Map
Brody 2L37 | Map Laupus Library | Map
College of Nursing computer lab - AHN 2160 | Map Ross Hall | Map
Fletcher Music Library | Map Todd Dining Hall | Map
Health Sciences Student Center 211 | Map  
Jenkins Fine Arts Center 208 | Map  

Mobility Print Printers

The Mobility Print service allows students to print coursework from their Android, Chromebook, Windows, Mac or iOS mobile device (on-campus only).

Allied Health Building (College of Nursing lobby) | Map Rivers (by Rivers 139 computer lab) | Map
Austin Lobby (by Austin 104 computer lab) | Map Science & Technology Building (2nd floor) | Map
Bate 3rd Floor | Map Speight 103 | Map
Minges (Purple Hallway) | Map West End Dining Hall | Map


  • Computer Lab Search
  • IT Knowledge Base Instructions (see Related Articles section of this page)


By restricting the service to on-campus while connected to the eduroam network ensures privacy and security while allowing you to use your own device to manage class assignments.

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