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Through ECU's print management program, students can print, copy and scan classwork in on-campus computer labs, print kiosks and can even send a print job from home with on-campus pickup. ECU students are allotted a $30 print allowance each academic year for printing and copying. There is no charge to scan.

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  • Report Copier/Scanner repairs or print quality issues
  • Report Computer Lab printer repairs or print quality issues
  • Report a Print Kiosk issue
  • Request a Print Job refund

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Features and Benefits

Copy/Scan Service

Students can now copy and scan documents in several campus computer labs. Copies cost $0.02 for b/w and $0.10 for color (per page). There is NO CHARGE to scan.

Brody 2L37 | Map Laupus Library | Map
College of Nursing computer lab - AHN 2160 | Map Main Campus Student Center | Map
Fletcher Music Library | Map Ross Hall | Map
Health Sciences Student Center 211 | Map Umstead Hall | Map
Joyner Library | Map  

Pirate Print Kiosks

The Print Kiosk service allows students to send a print job from their personal computer – on campus or off campus – to a print kiosk located on campus.

Allied Health Building (College of Nursing lobby) | Map Rivers (by Rivers 139 computer lab) | Map
Austin Lobby (by Austin 104 computer lab) | Map Science & Technology Building (2nd floor) | Map
Bate 3rd Floor | Map Speight 241 | Map
Minges (Purple Hallway) | Map  

Service Availability

Occasionally, Pirate Print is unavailable due to server updates during the IT system maintenance window (Sundays, 5:00a to 12:00 noon).


As part of the student fee budget, a $30 print allowance is allocated to every enrolled student each academic year as follows:

  • Fall Semester – $10
  • Spring Semester – $10
  • Summer – $10

The print balance declines as students print from labs or kiosks. Current rates:

  • Black/white documents – $0.02 per page
  • Color – $0.10 per page
  • Specialty printing is charged at $0.10 per square foot

Unused funds roll to the next semester until each August. Funds do not roll over from year to year. Rarely, the annual print allotment is exhausted, and a student must add personal funds to continue printing from labs. To add funds, log in to

A student’s print balance shows on the computer lab desktop after login. Students can check their balance at any time from Staff are not given a print allowance and cannot print in computer labs.

Students may request a refund for botched print jobs through this form.  Click 'Submit a Ticket'.

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