MFA: Access Account Settings

Change or update your MFA verification method, change a verification mobile number, remove the trust from a lost device and create additional app passwords.

Step 1. Log in to your Microsoft 365 account. Don't forget to type in your full email address!

Step 2. Click your profile image, then click View account to open your settings.


Step 3. From the My account screen, click the Manage security & privacy link. The Security & privacy screen opens.


Step 4. From the Security & privacy screen, click the Additional security verification link. Two options drop down:

  • Update your phone numbers used for account security
  • Create and manage app passwords

Step 5. Click the Update your phone numbers used for account security link. Authenticate your identity using your current MFA method.


Step 6. The next screen shows your current MFA method. You may now change your preferred verification method, change mobile number or add an alternate authentication phone and remove the trust from a device that has been lost.



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