MFA: Verify & Change MFA Settings

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Multifactor Authentication (MFA) is ECU's security action that verifies your identity during log in to ECU resources from a non-ECU network. This tutorial explains how to access Microsoft 365 account settings to:

  • update your MFA verification method
  • add a second verification method
  • change mobile verification number
  • remove the trust from a lost device

Step 1

Log in to Microsoft 365: Your Microsoft 365 home page opens.

Step 2


Click your profile image, then the View account link.

The account settings page opens.

Step 3


From the My Account page, click the Update Info link in the Security info section.

The page opens and shows your current MFA verification method/s. Links allow settings to be changed.

Step 4 – Options


MFA options

Change your default verification method. Options include 1) App based authentication, 2) Phone call, 3) Phone text, 4) App based authentication or hardware token - code. Click a method and follow the prompts for setup.

Add a sign-in method. Provides a backup verification method if your first method is unavailable. Options include 1) Authenticator app, 2) Alternate phone, 3) App password, 4) DO NOT choose the Office phone option.

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Change your verification phone number. Click Change. Add the new number in the text box and decide whether to verify the new number through text or phone call. Click Next then verify through the new phone. A message verifies the new number in the system. Lost device. If you lose a device used for signing in, Microsoft recommends you sign out of all devices



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